Awards and Achievements

International Presidency School’s philosophy of the holistic, all-round development of its students has resulted in our children bringing laurels to our school, through their achievements in various disciplines.

We encourage our students to excel, not just academically, but in all fields of the wide range of extra-curricular activities offered by the school. Towards this end, IPS has provided the most modern facilities and amenities, enabling the flowering of the child’s talent. We take pride in the achievements of our school in various spheres.

20th June 2014 Class Handwriting Competition Position
Sr. Kg Ashwin 1
Sr. Kg Aarav 1
Sr. Kg Karthik 2
Sr. Kg Shaurya 3
I A Esha 1
I A Sanchi 2
I A Esther 3
I B Vishnu 1
I B Kintanveer 2
I B Diya 3
II A Ishaan 1
II A Samishta 2
II A Aadya 3
II B Nia 1
II B Arpan 2
II B Rishab 3
III Ram 1
III Sakina 2
III Aryan 3
IV A Kirtana 1
IV A Nathan 2
IV A Yagna 3
IV B Rithanya 1
IV B Avani 2
IV B Aditi 2
IV B Isha Jain 3
V Armaan 1
V Kushali 2
V Samay 3
1st July 2014 Class Inter House dance competition Position
House: Ganga Ram 1st
House: Nile Nia 2nd
House: Mississippi Anmol 3rd
House: Amazon Manha 4th
15th July 2014 Class Spell Bee Competition Position
House: Nile Sameeha 1st
Youhan 2nd
Arpan Bansal
Aman Bharadwaj
5th August 2014 Class Rakhi Making Competition Position
1 Abhinav. I 1st
Kanishk. IB 2nd
Bhardwaj. IB 3rd
2 Ketan 1st
Samistha 2nd
Viswa teja 3rd
Laasya Consolation
3 Sakina 1st
C. V. Pranav 2nd
Saharsa 3rd
Anmol Consolation
4 Aslesh 1st
Anurag 2nd
Kirthana 3rd
5 Anshpreet 1st
Arman surana 2nd
Kushaali 3rd
7th August 2014 Class Poster Making Competition Position
I Avyukth 1st
Rajveer surana 2nd
Yohan 3rd
Esha Consolation
II            Samistha 1st
Pranav 2nd
Nisha 3rd
Haritha Consolation
III Tanush 1st
Ram agarwal 2nd
Kim 3rd
Athasva Consolation
IV Aslesh 1st
Kirthana 2nd
Avani 3rd
V Rebecca 1st
Armaan 2nd
Khushi 3rd
Piyush Consolation
14th Oct 2014 Class Story Telling Position
4B Ansh 1st
Avani 2nd
Aida 3rd
4A Hashika 3rd
16th Oct 2014 Class Recitation competition Position
1A Esha 1st
Abhinav 2nd
1B Sameeha 1st
Rachel 2nd
Ameya 3rd
2A Samista 1st
Nisha 2nd
Ishan 3rd
Vidhi 4th
3 Sakina 1st
Nitya 2nd
22nd Oct 2014 Class Quiz – Winning Team: Mississipi Team Position
1 Kanishk 1st
2A Panav
3 Aryan
4B Aslesh
5 Ansh Preet Peteti
10th & 11th Nov 2014 Class Fancy Dress Competition Position
1A Avyukth 1st
1B Sameeha 2nd
1C Hardhik 3rd
12th & 13th Nov 2014 Class Fancy Dress Competition Position
2A Smistha Dutt 1st
2A Pranav Bansal 2nd
2B Rishab 3rd
14th Nov 2014 Class Fancy Dress Competition Position
Jaswanth 1st
Athasvaa 2nd
Sikharam Vohul 3rd






2011-12 Inter School Spell Bee Competition- Grade 3 Benedict Anil John. IB PYP Sports Festival- Swimming 100 Meters for boys and girls  Tanmaya Ramprasad- Grade 5 Bronze Medal  Gaurav Pullela- Grade 5 Bronze Medal
Benedict Anil John won 3rd position in the 2011-2012 Spell Bee finals held at Phoniex Green School of Learning. Gaurav and Tanmaya won Bronze Medal in 100mtrs freestyle swimming organized by Drs International School, in 2011-12 during the IB PYP Sports Fest.
Benedict Anil John secured 2nd rank in the Spell Bee Regional contest held at Oakridge International School, Hyderabad in the Junior spelling Bee.
Benedict Anil John secured 23nd rank in the state and 58th rank at the International level National Science Olympiad held in 2012.
Aidha Asrar secured 3rd position in the Science Bee held at Oakridge International School in November 2012.
2012-13 Benedict Anil john secured 58 rank in state and 71 in International level in the Science Olympiad held in 2013. Tanmaya of Grade V, stood at 5th position in AP State meet for under -12, 100mtrs freestyle in 2012-13 AP State aquatic meet, organized by Warangal District Swimming Association.
Aidah Asrar received Third position in the Junior science spell Bee 2013-2014 held at Suchitra Academy . IPSparticipated in IB PYP Sports Fest Basketball Event in 2012-13 for Boys and girls and stood at 4th position.
Ram Agrawal of Grade 2 was awarded the Certificate from the British Council for completing a Whizz Kids courses held from 12th January to 24th February 2013 at the British Council.
Kirthana Vottery qualified for the 2nd level SOF-13TH National Cyber Olympiad 2013-2014.
Kirthana Vottery  received the 21st rank at the State level and at International level, the rank of 794- Merit.
Secondary CBSE Affiliation
IB PYP Authorization
ISA (British Council International School Award) Certificate.
2013-14 Inter-school Science Exhibition Vamsi Krishna and Swarnadeep Ghosh- Grade 8- 2nd Prize for Mobile Solar Energy Harvester. Second   – B. Ramender Reddy Memorial Inter-school Basketball Tournament  Winners Girls Runners-up Boys
Req-Art Inter-school Competition held at Requelford International School- Grade 9–Maansi Sunkara- 3rd Position. IPShosted the IB PYP SPORTS FEST in 2013-14 and all the IB PYP students from IB school of Hyderabad participated.
Essay Competition conducted by the Royal Common Wealth Society- Theme: Opportunity Through Enterprise Topic: How enterprising, a voice said, as I closed the door behind me.— Grade 10 Silver Medal Tushna Baria.
16th National Science Olympiad 2013

  • 7 Gold Medals won
  • 3 Silver Medals won
  • 2 Bronze Medals won
13th SOF Cyber Olympiad 2013

  • 3 Gold Medals won
  • 1 Silver medal won
  • 1 Bronze Medal won