Facilities at NIS

International Presidency School offers World Class facilities to its students. Every care has been taken to see that the children are provided a state- of the- art modern complex.

IPS is centrally air conditioned and equipped with a multipurpose Hall, Computer and Science Laboratories, Library, an Audio- visual Media centre and an Indoor Stadium with elevated Jogging Track. There is a Swimming-Pool and Indoor and Outdoor playgrounds with special sports flooring. The whole campus is green and pollution- free.


  • Spacious classrooms with a teacher-student ratio of 1:25
  • Wi-fi connectivity throughout the campus.
  • A library with a large number of national and international books, journals, magazines and periodicals.
  • A dance and music room to learn Indian as well as western dance and music.
  • Spacious fine arts and painting studio
  • Science labs
  • Computer labs
  • Amphi theater
  • Classrooms equipped with multimedia systems and LCD monitors
  • Audio-visual lab
  • Air conditioned buses with GPS to monitor movement and ensure the safety of the students

Sports Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Cricket and Football
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • An elevated jogging track
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds with sports flooring


Technology in the 21st century is an integral part of society. It is constantly evolving and it is impossible to think of life, without the usage of some form of technology. However, technology can be both a blessing and a curse; in a digital world , we have to be prepared to segregate the vast amount of information available, identify what is relevant and use it appropriately.

Technology potential for educational purposes is expanding exponentially, as is evidenced by ever- new concepts of teaching via technology. With its wide range of uses and forms, it can reach students of different growth levels. Computers are used as tools for instructional material or as presentation devices to provide information. It definitely enhances the learning capacity of students. The children are more enthusiastic about learning through technological devices than through the traditional teaching techniques.

International Presidency School makes judicious use of the current educational technology, with a variety of multimedia tools, as effective learning aids. The flexibility of the infrastructure at IPS is particularly valuable within the classroom or laboratory, where seating plans and furniture distribution change constantly, to reflect the multiple needs of the curriculum. The school server maintains a broadband  connection throughout the year. The essence of Anywhere – Anytime learning, is exactly what it says it is; the students have the opportunity to connect to the School Internet Server from their laptops , from anywhere in the campus. Whereas, the Computer Lab is open to anyone wishing to use the School’s technology. To ensure the impact of the digital learning, our helpful teachers are always available to clear the student’s doubts.

Technology has its place in every curricular subject. In the Science Laboratory of IPS, students can manipulate relevant information on the computer through graphic displays, or controlled experiments. IPS also uses a wide variety of software, for disciplines like Languages and Music. The superbly equipped Library and Media Centre includes a Distance – Learning Studio , for access to a wealth of curriculum and teaching, from some of the best universities in the world. Additionally, the School has a centrally computerized system, on which parents can keep track of their children’s progress.


International Presidency School’s concern and desire to provide the best for their students motivated us to offer the most comfortable transportation. The vehicles that pick-up and drop the children from their residence, are air-conditioned and spacious. The safety of the children being a priority, the buses have GPS System that monitors the movement of the vehicle, so that the school is aware of its location all the time. The school covers most areas of the city that fall within a radius of a 90 minutes drive from the school.

Therefore, parents are requested to please check if their area is covered by the school transport, while finalizing the admission of their child.